1. I understand I am entering in a co-creation agreement that involves others. It is therefore my intent to enter this agreement in full honor, respect and trust of others who are participating in this co-creative effort.
  2. I understand that ICOCREATE is a platform and an opportunity to function in a New Paradigm structure, based on free and voluntary exchange, outside of the complexity, mismanagement, confusion and frustrations associated with the current monetary system.
  3. I intend to offer only those services and/or goods that are in alignment with others highest good. All material objects will be in proper working condition and services of the highest quality standards.
  4. I intend to treat others as I wish to be treated throughout this process.
  5. All actions that I take in relation with the Icocreate exchange system will be based on Love, Truth, Beauty, Goodness.
  6. I will take full responsibility for my own actions and understand that all those affiliated with Icocreate are simply providing this platform for my own benefit and are in no way responsible for transactions taking place through this website.

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