1. Read and acknowledge your gift agreement here MY COCREATION AGREEMENT
  2. Enter your information (name, city / state, e-mail address) so others can find and contact you
  3. Select a service or goods you wish to gift or exchange
  4. ICOCREATE matches your entry with others looking for the same items. The system can find and connect 3 individuals or groups in order to create a perfect match. For example: Jo is looking for a baby sitter and wants to gift a physical therapy session; Pam is looking for physical therapy session and wants to gift a couch; Mary needs a couch and would love to baby sit Jo’s children. Perfect triad match!
  5. You receive an e-mail once the system has found a perfect match for your query
  6. You may contact the matched individuals directly and proceed with your exchange at your own leisure. Icocreate will not charge, manage or interfere with your co-creation or exchange
  7. Once your co-creation has been fulfilled, the system will automatically update your profile
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